T. Kirby Bloom

Most on my life, I have tried my hand at various art projects. Having worked with wood fabrication, metal casting, welding, as well as two-dimensional fine art processes. Artists who have expanded my thinking about art and its potential include notables such as Josef Albers, Wassily Kandinsky, and Joan Miro. More Recently the work of Ellsworth kelly, John McLaughlin, and Paul Kremer have inspired me to take other directions with my work. 

My most Recent project explores and physically demonstrates several constructs, involving the twelve-sectional color wheel. I fabricate common shapes and color in three dimensions, offering the opportunity to explore unique configurations in limited, defined space. While at first adding color may seem to limit impressions to predictable outcomes, I believe it enhances the heuristic possibilities for the artist, seasoned critic, as well as casual observer. 


Over the years, my work has been shown at several Vermont galleries including Passepartout Gallery in Winooski, Frog Hollow in Middleburg, and The Woodstock Gallery in Woodstock. Currently, my work is on display at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in Burlington. New to the Tucson art scene, I participated in a one day showing at the Seinfeld Community Art Center in the fall and showed at the Jewish Community Center in mid-January. I hope this show at the Gallery 2Sun will increase my Tucson exposure and provide me the reaction to my current endeavors. 

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