Danielle Neibling 


If, when looking at this work you recognize Mid century modern design lines, the familiar curves or boundaries between forms, you would be spot on.  The elusive simplicity in ‘form follows function’ drives the pursuit of complex, but balanced composition—design for designs sake with recognizable imagery asserting itself like dreams pregnant with symbolism, which seep in during the formal processes of sculpting and painting. 

    The work exhibited here is new out of the crucible for just over a year as prototypes for larger paintings to come.   The sculptures are intended to become ‘game pieces’ in a table top installation echoing the concerns of painting, movement, rhythm, balance and structure.



Danielle Nebiling earned a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts and an MFA in sculpture from Hunter College, both in NYC.

She moved to Oracle, Arizona in 2005  from the New York area to live on and renovate the historic Wilson homestead, raise two children and continue pursuing art.  She is retired from teaching.


Among the places she has shown is the Contreras Gallery, 1Art on Broadway, Main Tucson Public Library, Barn Gallery at the Triangle L Ranch, and the Louis Bernal Gallery at Pima Community College.